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Clean Cut Painting is your interior repaint specialist. Serving Atlanta and much of the surrounding areas.  Providing you with top quality, excellent service, and a fair price.


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    Clean Cut Painting is your interior repaint specialist.  Serving Atlanta and surrounding areas. Providing you with top quality, excellent service, and a fair price.

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    The health and safety of my customers is my highest priority.

    I am fully vaccinated. I have received both the 1st and 2nd shot.  And 2 boosters.

       I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my painting company.


    Over the past 28 years my goal has been to build a reputation in the interior painting market of superior quality and integrity. My goal is to bring a clean cut image to an often stereotyped industry. When you do business with my painting company I want you to feel you are getting the very best workmanship along with total professionalism.


    I have an always growing list of satisfied paint clients. As a testament to the quality of my service I have been able to develop relationships with several interior decorators and real estate agents over the years who have referred all their clients to me. These have included decorators from Yessick’s Design Center, Southeast Interiors, Henson and Henson Design, Interior Solutions, and more. Whether working with or without an interior decorator I will do my best to serve you. I know that a satisfied client will always refer others to my painting services in the future.


    Over the years I have found there are 3 things people look for when choosing painting contractors. Those are quality, service, and price. I have also found that if you are looking for the lowest price you may not receive the best quality and service. That has never been more true in the Atlanta area painting market. If you’re the type of person that looks for quality and understands that painting is an investment in your home then you have found the right company.


    Thank you in advance for the opportunity to help further beautify your home. And the opportunity to bid for your business. To schedule your FREE Quote you can reach me directly at 678-575-9799 or email me at

    I will respect your property.

    I promise to treat your home as if it were my own. I will always take care in protecting your personal belongings as I work around them. I will always leave your home in a clean and orderly condition.

    I will respect your money.

    You work hard for your money. I promise to give you a top quality job. I want you to feel that every penny you spent was well worth the results.

    I will respect your time.

    I promise to not waste your time. I will confirm several days prior to your jobs start date. I will show up for each day of the job on time. If not I will call or text you anytime I may be running behind.

    Projects Done
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    Drywall prep prior to painting.

    Prep Work

    Roll on some color with the professional painters at Clean Cut Painting.

    Paint Application

    residential interior painting

    Interior Paint Selection

    Newly painted living room.

    Crew Size

    WARNING – The Great Decline of the House Painting Industry

    “10 Things You Must Know To Protect Your Home and Family“
    Ignore This And You Could Lose Hundreds And Perhaps Thousands of Dollars.
    Dear Friend,

    You could ignore this letter and move on with your day. You could simply choose the cheapest painting company you can find. After all many of you have never had a problem before. But you had better be prepared. The painting industry has changed drastically over the years. And I’m here to tell you that there is nothing good about it.

    So what are some things you need to look for when finding the house painters?

    1. New Construction Painters

    Since the decline of the new home market in the country a dramatic shift in the home painting industry has taken place. The painters who were primarily doing new construction have flooded the repaint market. They were desperate for work and cut prices in an effort to stay busy. What you need to know is new construction is all about production. These painters (many with very little experience) were used to flying through a paint job. Builders were only concerned about turning a large number of houses. The paint contractors had to paint rapidly because builders were paying low low prices. The finished product was typically of poor quality. Beware of painting companies run by former new construction crews.

    2. Subcontractors

    There are a lot of really large companies out there right now. One particular company has around 35 crews. For the most part the owner of these companies only know the head guy on each crew. They really don’t know who is working for them. How can they possibly assure you they are providing quality workmanship when they don’t even know the workers? (At Clean Cut Painting I do not use subcontractors.)

    3. Day Laborers

    I guess I really don’t need to say much about this. If you live in metro Atlanta you probably know several places you can go pick up workers. How can these guys possibly be skilled laborers? I mean seriously, they just happen to know how to paint, install carpet, install drywall, install roofing, and do anything else someone driving up ask them to do? Can you really take the chance that some random guy off the street ends up working in your home or business? ( I wouldn’t even think about picking up one of these guys.)

    4. Revolving Crews

    One major problem I have seen in the home painting market is turn over. They may have one client who receives a great job and then a few months later a poor job. With the turn over of workers there is no consistency.

    5. No English on Job Site

    This is one of the complaints I hear about. There is a huge communication problem between clients and many house painters. I remember being in a paint store and some lady was trying to talk on the phone with the painter at her home. She actually had to have one of the employees at the paint store get on the phone and translate. And what was she even doing in the paint store. A client should never have to pick up the paint. (At Clean Cut Painting we speak English.)

    6. No Owner on the Job

    There are a lot of painting companies that are really nothing more than contractors. They sign contracts and pick up checks. Clients really have no idea who is going to show up to do the work. With no supervision quality usually suffers. I don’t just manage I actually paint. Quality is really important to me and I don’t want that to change.

    7. One Coat Interior Trick

    One of the worst tricks I have seen is for a company to come in and really low ball a paint bid. They do this knowing full well that walls always look best with at least 2 coats. Once they have one coat on the wall they go to the client and tell them the job is going to cost more. (I always provide a paint proposal addendum which shows the number of coats you will receive.)

    8.Cheap Paint

    As you are aware there really is a difference between cheap and quality paint. So many companies are using builder grade junk its pathetic. I won’t even do a job if the client wants to try and save a few bucks by using the cheapest paint on the market. The jobs not going to look good or hold up and I don’t want my name on it. I’ve even known of painters who take quality paint cans and fill them with the cheapest junk on the market. (At Clean Cut Painting I am all about quality.)

    9. Lack of Care With Furniture, Etc.

    A few years ago I was at a home where another company was painting. I really couldn’t believe what I saw. They were sanding, scraping, and spackling a family room ceiling. And they had no drop cloths on the floor and no plastic on the furniture and accessories. I don’t mean to sound too harsh, but how stupid can you get. Another thing I hate to see is dirty drop clothes thrown over furniture and dirty plastic carried room to room. (At Clean Cut Painting we always drop off the floors with tarps and the furniture with fresh clean plastic.)

    10. Poor Prep Work

    So many companies do absolutely no prep work. On interiors they don’t caulk, sand, or spackle. They simply come in and slap on the paint. I know because I come in after the damage has been done. I’ve actually seen painters spackle, but then paint right over the unsanded spots. On exteriors I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen painters go right over rotten wood without even telling the homeowner there is a problem. (I take pride in proper prep work. I actually take a work light to get the dents, dings, and nail holes you don’t see.)

    I could go on but I guess you can see there is a lot that can go wrong in a house painting job. I’m not saying I am the perfect provider of painting services. I’m not saying I am the only good painting company. All I can say is I take quality and integrity seriously. I care about the long term value of my clients. And I care about the risk you take when you choose me to paint your home.

    I want to thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you and your families painting needs. Once you try us I can assure you will never want to use another paint company again.


    Sean Cavanaugh

    Interior Home Painting Services

    With over 28 years of experience you have come to the right place for your painting needs.  I have specialized in interiors for 24 of those years.

    If your in need of wall, ceiling and trim (baseboards, crown molding, wainscoting, doors, windows, mantles, spindles, stair risers) painting I have got you covered.

    Services Not Offered

    Prep Work

    Ignore this painting issue at your own risk.

    Regardless of the area you live in you must consider prep work. This is one of the biggest topics that separates the poor painting contractors from the good ones. Always ask about the steps they take to not only prepare the painting surface, but also to protect your home.

    Hope this video helps.

    Jennifer P.  says…

    Sean Cavanaugh was the best painter I’ve ever had. We recently moved to Newnan and I was afraid I couldn’t find another painter like the one I had before. I was wrong. Sean’s work is excellent. He prepares the surface of your walls perfectly before he paints. He protects your furniture and cleans up. He is trustworthy and very nice to work with. I gave him a key to my house and he painted for a week while I was at work all day. His prices are unbeatable, so I was able to paint more of my house than I thought I could at first. I am going to have him come back and paint the rest of it soon. I highly recommend Sean. He is great!

    C.S. says…

    I would like to express my thanks to you for the recent painting you did in my new home. Without question, the quality of your work is exceptional.

    I would like to say a special thank you for your time and patience you gave to me while I was trying to decide about the paint colors I chose. As I know, my husband told you I was a hard person to please.

    I wish you the very best in your business and please feel free to use me as a reference.

    Paint Application

    Key home painting points to consider.

    I can’t stress enough the importance of proper paint application. I am always amazed when watching HGTV and seeing the house painting methods many so called professionals use. Important points to be aware of include the number of coats all the way down to the type of roller used. Here’s another video that hopefully will be beneficial in choosing your painting services provider.
    J.T. Interior Designer says…

    I wanted to thank you for all you have done. It is very important to me that my clients are served well. I have been so impressed with you. Every client, without fail, has made a point to tell me how pleased they have been as well. It is hard to find a painter that is so timely and courteous. I know that I can be demanding but you always rise to my challenge. I guess it also speaks volumes that my own brother is a painter and I choose to use you!
    D.R. says…

    My husband and I would like to thank you for the painting job done to perfection in our home. We’d always been the type of folks to do everything ourselves but this particular project seemed to require expertise in achieving a beautifully finished job…you did just that, to perfection too!!! Thank you so much for your keen interest at every turn of the job to please us and meet the expectations of a true professional. We would without a moment’s hesitation, highly recommend you to any and all customers who are lucky enough to be considering using your skills and talents in their home or business.
    J.D. says…

    I would highly recommend Sean and Clean Cut Painting. Sean was prompt, courteous and the work was done on time and definitely to my satisfaction. It is refreshing to work with a contractor who takes his work so seriously and obviously, takes pride in pleasing his customers and doing a good job. I will certainly use Sean again on painting projects in my home.

    Interior Paint Selection

    What factors do you need to consider when choosing your paint?

    In these two short videos I wanted to help you choose your paint. In addition to the color you have the option of various paint brand. Each brand has different products to choose from. And then you must consider what finish to use.

    Crew Size

    This video discusses the important issue of who actually shows up at your home once you have hired a painting company. This is a question I have been getting a lot lately and thought a short video would help.

    I hope this information is helpful in choosing the right paint company for you and your family.

    Sorry for the lighting. Recorded this after dark prior to high quality smart phones.
    Clean Cut Painting

    Transforming your home with color.